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Synopsis A grieving family is haunted by tragic and disturbing occurrences.
7,6 of 10 Star.
Ari Aster.
score 204895 Votes.
actors Alex Wolff

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Worst movie ever seen. Terrible acting, no scary moments, don’t know why this movie is a hype.

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I really disliked this film. I almost walked out of the theater. I feel that there were a lot of potentially scary moments that were set up, but ultimately never came to fruition. I found this movie somewhat creepy (not really) and definitely not scary. It was a huge letdown with an ambiguous and boring ending. I wanted money on this movie.
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I don’t have any idea where these good reviews are coming from. It’s like we didn’t see the same movie. People were laughing in the theatre because it was so bad. Everyone was saying they wanted their money back.
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I really like the firt middle of the film, the suspense, the story. but then is a fest of cliche, very obvious and I discovered miself laughing with some scenes that appears to be the looney toons. Good Idea but bad a pity, the photography is relly good.

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Hereditary is a well made excellent thriller/horror film. The tension build to a perfect climax, the acting in this film is excellent compared to most horror films.

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